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Inventing a brand new life – Video Series Workshops

August 1, 2017 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


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NOTE: The date for this event could change as we have many preceding events. We will gather interested parties and Choose a date.  Also, this is a part of the Synergistic Co-creation Quest series and will be a co-created event. All schedule listed is a guideline as of now.


We will be holding a 3.5 month series of retreats offered to a select few people. Within this event you will get to experience the magic of what it is to completely re-form community and culture. Share with us as we shed layers, bond, re-invent our game of life, and experiment to see if a new culture is still possible to create. Enjoy organic vegetarian dishes, access to yoga sessions each day, reflection time, the surroundings of amazing nature and animals in Costa Rica, and be able to pitch in as a co-creator in the processes.

These events will be recorded and released as a series for the public. This is reserved for those who move into the village or anyone able to stay for the duration of the workshops and be a part of this experiment. (If you leave) You will leave with a complete new style of communication, knowledge on how to work in groups, you will have a sense of family with those who shared in the retreat experience with you, and an undying sense of purpose.

Series Include:

Workshop Series 1 – Re-Inventing our communication  (2 weeks)

Workshop Series 2 – Conflict Resolution (2 weeks)

Workshop Series 3 – Sociocracy and new forms of Circle of Life – Governance (3 days and ongoing)

Workshop Series 4 – Building Trust and gaining Balance. (1 week)

Workshop Series 5 – Team Building and Re-Grouping (3 days)

Workshop Series 6 – Gaining an Understanding, Commitment and Game theory (2 days)

Workshop Series 7 – Let Go of Shit Fast (One Hour)

Workshop Series 8 – How to grow effectively and Naturally with ease and honor (4 days)

Workshop Series 9 – Moving forward. What next?  How to create a vision together (1 week)

Workshop Series 10 – Activation, Action Steps and a Level 10 life (4 days)

Workshop Series 11 – Flow States, Events, and Working in Groups (1 week)

Workshop Series 12 – Transitioning from old world to new world (4 days)

Workshop Series 13 – Building a new community (2 weeks)

Workshop Series 14 – Collaboration on a new paradigm corporate level (2 weeks)

Workshop Series 15 – Digital nomad societies and how to effectively create change (3 days)

Workshop Series 16 – A New World Vision ( Until the end)


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August 1, 2017
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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