The First Step

1.) Watch the video below to get an understanding of
Green Earth Vision and how we can all co-create together.

2.) How We Are United

A new class is emerging, one of creative cultural entrepreneurs re-inventing villages and co-creative environments. This team can foster a rapid pace driving us onto a collaborative energetic superhighway allowing us to grow and merge with one another into a new multi-generational global tribe.

In order for these modern tribes to thrive, there needs to be in place a clear exit from the path that we have been following so far..

Green Earth Vision is currently a village with a planned eco-city and tribal network that is extending it’s open source platforms and heart centered processes so that others with similar solutions may link together. For the first time in the modern world re-invent how we live, interact, maintain balance and remap our world systems and processes.  We are turning first to nature using bio-mimicry and ancient technologies, then we are combining those technologies and modifying them to fit within our modern world.

We are coming into times of rapid change, therefore we need not only solutions, but also need to re-invent who we are individually and collectively.

In such times of utter awareness of every moment and careful intentional steps in the right direction, we are much like a baby learning to walk. This new process of working together requires unity and balance.

Our first step always is to observe, to get clear on our intentions and to gain an understanding with those allies we have teamed up with as to the rules of the game. Sometimes starting a completely new game and sometimes re-defining the game we’ve been playing.  

How does it feel to have everyone in your life playing separate games, cheating, not taking turns and being disrespectful?

This is where we are at in our process and have decided that we have been playing the game laid out for us long enough. We are creating an improved world game, one in which the new rules include everyone taking turns, playing fairly, respecting and understanding one another and exude clear commitment. Our simplified communication platform ensures that deception and force do not enter our designed culture.  

Weather you want to join a village in Costa Rica or another place, join the team in creating Green Earth City, or regroup in your local area, click on the Join the Movement button, fill out the contact us page, and you will gain access.

3.) How to get involved

Stage 1: Full Potential Events

Come join our ongoing events co-created with the effort of H.U.G.S. (Our Non-Profit – Humans Unifying Global Solutions) , Full Potential, Coravida, Green Earth Vision, TribeMatch, and many more guests. These events include:

Mastermind workshops- A chance to plan your future with already committed world change agents.  Create a support network, learn to collaborate and communicate effectively, and take advantage of our networking platforms in creating the real change we wish to see.

Fundraising Summits– Designed to fuel our movement. Much like our masterminds, these summits are designed to foster a creative energy and set the tone for opening up.  Results of these events are tremendous! Set in exotic locations and with ease, comfort, and gentle facilitation. We kickstart the movement with full authentic trust as a cornerstone to moving forward.

Exodus facilitation– Anyone who desires to be a part of creating empowerment within their tribe is included in this series. Within our Exodus facilitation we will create a platform for heart clearing, re-grouping into solid local modern tribes, and finally co-creating community, networking, planning, creating processes to facilitate growth and purity, village construction, and finally how we work together as individual tribes in a larger movement.


Stage 2: TribeMatch

We are teaming up with multiple companies to develop software to match people with events and communities, one that is going to help link global ‘solutionaries’ with synergistic festivals, retreats and communities worldwide.

Stage 3: Green Earth Village

We are creating a village here in Costa Rica!  In such a separate society, the need to work closely together is on the rise. This village provides that platform for conscious businesses to put a satellite headquarters and invite their friends and other companies to come join. Organic food grown onsite, we will be experimenting with new systems of self-governance, and starting to learn to share. The land consists of one hundred acres in beautiful central Pacific Costa Rica. The project will help us regain our time, step into the lifestyle we are encouraging, live pure, create a new culture, and fine tune processes and systems that we are co-creating. If this is something in line with you, please inquire. 

Stage 4: Project Synergy

This is a future planned online platform that will aide people worldwide in finding their purpose. It provides tools that will help guide those on their journey and will replace much of our current education –  and in addition, should remove the need for marketing worldwide.


Stage 5: Full Potential Activation Club

A 400 room activation center for altruistic world contributors to visit annually for relaxation, be able to unplug, regroup and align. This center will be at the foothills of the Green Earth City and will contribute to the completion of this monumentous project.


Stage 6: Green Earth City

A fully functional system that can stand apart from current systems – redeveloping everything in the ways we live, interact, systems, technologies, synergy, use of time and re-connecting with nature.

Green Earth City extracts its core principals from bio-mimicry and cellular growth as well as integrates ancient knowledge passed down into modern times. Green Earth City only incorporates enhancing technologies and refutes those that are not an enhancement to our basic life.

Green Earth Vision Events

August 12, 2016

Green Earth Vision Events

Green Earth Vision’s events are at the heart of our operations. Our philosophy is that life is a retreat – a permanent retreat! This system allows us to constantly learn hands on from experts allowing us to bring you the best in MasterMinds and Summits where we invite very special people…

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TribeMatch / Project Synergy / Consortium

September 13, 2016

TribeMatch / Project Synergy / Consortium

We are incorporating TribeMatch 1.0 into this site. TribeMatch is a matching system that helps living and working groups join together for synergy. Both TribeMatch and Project Synergy are platforms geared towards matching, synergy, and creating sustainable relationships and environments. Creating a paradise can be enhanced with the right people to share it…

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Coravida Heart Inspired Retreat Centers

November 9, 2016

Coravida Heart Inspired Retreat Centers

We are building the team through interaction based workshops right now in Costa Rica. These are being held at Coravida in Quepos, Costa Rica. Click on our Events button at the top of the page to register to one of Green Earth Vision’s events for more retreat options.  Coravida Heart…

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Green Earth Village

February 18, 2017

Green Earth Village

Come visit our Village soon! We will have room for guests, volunteers, investors who want to invest in a new lifestyle. Earn returns or create your safe haven. Enjoy free food out of the food forests and merge with like-minded companies collaborating on a new way of doing business. There are 30…

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Full Potential Activation Club / Green Earth City

November 10, 2019

Full Potential Activation Club / Green Earth City

Full Potential Activation Club and Green Earth City!  The Full Potential Activation Club is a 400 room facility that brings together world change-makers who want to unplug and connect, or Activate and Regroup. This will also be a filter for the Green City.  Although the dates are set years into…

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